Signs You Need to Call Pest Control for Help

Dealing with pests is an unavoidable challenge for many homeowners in the Atlanta area, thanks to its warm, humid climate that serves as a perfect breeding ground for a variety of pests. Knowing when to call a professional pest control exterminator can be the key to preventing a minor pest presence from becoming a full-blown infestation. Here are clear signs that it’s time to reach out to Mayday Pest Services (770) 592-0331 for expert help.

Persistent Presence of Pests

If you consistently notice pests in your home, such as ants in your kitchen, cockroaches in your bathrooms, or mice in your garage, it’s a clear sign that DIY solutions are not sufficient. Consistent sightings indicate an established colony or infestation that requires professional treatment to fully eradicate. 

Evidence of Damage

Pests can cause significant damage to your property. Termites, for example, can compromise the structural integrity of your home by eating away at wood. Similarly, rodents are known for chewing through wires and insulation, creating fire hazards and other safety issues. If you notice unexplained damage such as holes in walls, gnawed furniture, or frayed wiring, it’s crucial to seek professional pest control services immediately.

Sounds and Noises

Hearing strange noises such as scratching, rustling, or scurrying inside your walls or ceilings, especially at night, can be an indicator of a rodent or wildlife infestation. These sounds typically don’t just go away and require intervention by a professional who can safely and humanely remove these pests. Explore your options for wildlife removal and control with Mayday Pest Services (770) 592-0331.

Droppings or Unpleasant Smells

Finding droppings in your kitchen, pantry, or along baseboards is a definitive sign that pests have infiltrated your home. Additionally, a persistent musty or foul odor can indicate hidden pest problems such as a dead rodent within a wall or large cockroach populations hidden away. This level of pest activity is best handled by professionals. Learn more about our extermination services to address these health hazards.

Allergic Reactions or Bites

Some pests, like bed bugs, fleas, and certain types of spiders, can cause bites or trigger allergic reactions. If you or family members begin to notice inexplicable bites or related health symptoms, it’s important to act quickly. Professional exterminators can identify and eliminate these pests, significantly reducing health risks. Mayday Pest Services offers specialized treatments for bed bugs and other biting pests.

Recognizing when to call a professional exterminator is essential for maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment. For residents in the Atlanta area, Mayday Pest Services offers expert advice, comprehensive treatment plans, and peace of mind. Visit our website today to learn more about how we can help keep your home pest-free.