Three Reasons Bats Are a Danger to Homeowners

While we can all agree that nature is wonderful and beautiful, there are certain elements of nature that should really stay outdoors. Bats are one thing that you should protect your home from. While the bat is a mysterious and majestic creature, it can cause also some serious issues if it does happen to make its way into your home. We’ve listed three potential issues homeowners may face with bats in the home.

1.     Your House or Theirs?

When a bat decides to nest on your property, they will not serenely settle in and fold their blankets when they are done.  They typically get in through gable vents & freeze board gaps. Once inside, this unwanted tenant does not leave until you force it to. They will use these areas of your home as a place to nest & reproduce. Where one or two bats are allowed to nest, they soon become many. It isn’t uncommon to find a colony of 30-50 bats in a small area like a gable vent or ridge vent.  Don’t wait to act if you notice bats on your property!

2.     They Make Your Home Smell

These uninvited guests in your home have no need to excuse themselves to a restroom. If they feel the need to go, these bird-like mammals will go wherever they please, leaving the smells of guano (fancy word for bat droppings) and urine to permeate your home. Not only will your home be assaulted by horrible odors but damage will also be caused by the urine and guano these creatures leave behind.

3.     They Cause Health Problems

Not only is it unpleasant to smell the bat droppings left in your home but, if left untended, the guano can cause mold spores to form. These spores can cause serious illnesses that affect your respiratory system, such as Histoplasmosis, which is also referred to as Cave disease. On average, symptoms will show in about 12-14 days. By the time this happens, you should already have seen signs of bats in your home.

The Solution

Avoid these potential threats if you can. If you have noticed any signs of these winged creatures burrowing in your property, then contact Mayday Pest Control to remove them as soon as possible. Failure to act promptly on this matter can result in further damage to your home, and a greater chance of developing an illness. The best part about the services that we offer is that not only will we remove the current threat but we can also put in place measures that will ensure that this is not something you will have to face in the future through our removal & exclusion services. Call us today (770) 592-0331 or use the “Get A Quote” form on the side of this blog page.