Identifying Wildlife that Can Damage Your Property

Atlanta, Georgia, is home to a variety of wildlife, each with the potential to impact residential properties uniquely. While wildlife can play essential roles in the ecosystem, certain animals can also pose significant threats to your home’s safety and structural integrity. Recognizing the signs of wildlife activity early can prevent extensive damage, making it crucial for homeowners to stay informed about potential wildlife threats.

Common Wildlife Intruders in Atlanta
Around Atlanta several common culprits tend to invade properties, including raccoons, squirrels, rats, and bats. Raccoons, known for their dexterity and intelligence, can easily pry open vents, tear off shingles, and gain access to attics. Squirrels and rats are notorious for chewing through electrical wires, which can pose fire hazards, while bats can accumulate guano aka “poop” that leads to structural damage and health risks. 

Signs of Wildlife Infestation
Identifying the early signs of wildlife presence can save homeowners significant repair costs. Listen for unusual noises such as scratching, scurrying, or thumping from the attic or walls, particularly at dawn and dusk when many critters are most active. Look out for physical damage like gnawed wiring, torn insulation, and holes in the roof or siding. Additionally, the presence of droppings, footprints, or overturned garbage cans can indicate an active wildlife problem. 

When to Contact Professional Wildlife Control
While some proactive measures can be handled by homeowners, professional intervention is often necessary to effectively and humanely address wildlife issues. If you notice continuous signs of wildlife presence or damage, it’s time to call in the experts at MayDay Pest Services. As professional wildlife control specialists we possess the tools and knowledge needed to remove animals safely and prevent future infestations. For immediate assistance, Atlanta residents can reach out to Mayday Pest Services at 📞 (770) 592-0331 or fill out our contact form.