How to Avoid Summer Pests

Mosquito in AtlantaWith the warm season here, you are probably looking forward to spending plenty of time outdoors with friends and family. Don’t let mosquitos and other pests put a damper on your time in the sun. Follow these tips and tricks to avoid getting bugged by unwanted critters.

    • Plan your events accordingly. Mosquitos tend to be the most active at dusk and dawn. If you’re outside during this time, plan on having plenty of insect repellent on hand. DEET or products containing Picaridin will all drive mosquitos away and keep you and your guests from being bitten. You could also light citronella candles around your outdoor space to ensure that pesky bugs don’t bother you.
    • Keep all food and beverages covered, even when in the trash. Yellow jackets, raccoons, mice, and rats will all come running (or flying) when they smell something tasty. Keep all drinks and food in sealed containers and coolers to prevent attracting them. When it comes time to throw things away, use a garbage can with a lid. This keeps the smell from wafting towards unwanted critters and prevents them from getting inside to take a snack.
    • Walk your property regularly and check for holes. Critters are looking to beat the heat just like you are. If they can find away into your air-conditioned home, you can bet they will come inside. Make sure that there are no holes in your crawl space or access points to your attic. If you do find that you’re the victim of an infestation, call in a professional to make sure that those pests don’t get too cozy.
    • Drain any standing water. Pools, bird baths, and fountains are all beautiful water features to have in your yard. While they might be serene, they are also the perfect places for mosquitos to breed. Warm, standing water attracts mosquitos and other bugs. To prevent bugs buzzing around your yard, drain any standing water quickly after using it.
    • Serve food inside. If you’re worried about bugs infesting your potato salad, leave it inside. Bugs, mice, and rats are all attracted to the smell of food. Serve your food inside and then give your guests the option of eating it outside. This limits the exposure to bugs and prevents pests from landing on your bowl of fruit and other food.

Raccoon in Atlanta

Your summer season should be enjoyable. If you find yourself overwhelmed by bugs, pests, and critters, it’s time to call in the professionals. Pest and
rodent control companies know exactly what to do to ensure that your summer isn’t ruined by the creepy-crawlers outside.