Top 4 Essential Steps to Take Before Rodent Removal

need rodent control

You listened to the incessant scratching and clawing all night long. You’ve even prepared yourself mentally for the bowling-ball like echo coming from the attic. But now that you’ve finally called an exterminator, you must know the four steps to preparing for rodent removal services.

Prepare to Meet the Critter

One of a homeowner’s greatest fears is that a mouse has somehow taken over the walls of their dream home.  However, a squirrel, bat, rat or even opossum can create just as much–if not more, damage than a mouse. Begin thinking about if you want the pest dead or handled humanely.

Be Ready for Exuberant Numbers

They don’t have jobs or cars. Their daily existence consists of eating and reproducing. With 24 hours in a day you can imagine how much food can be consumed and life can be created. A house mouse can reproduce two months after its own birth and can produce a litter every 30 days. Some litters can have 4-7 babies. So don’t be surprised if you have a small infestation living in your crawl space. A good exterminator can get rid of the multitudes.

Be Prepared for House Damage.

Electrical and cable wiring have high sodium. To rodents, the sodium tastes good, which means more chewing and potentially more damage. Building codes do not require that the decking of the roof and the facia board meet, which means a gap. These gaps and wires are pleasing to rodents and, ironically, not covered by home owners insurance.

Prep to Rodent Proof

Nesting rodents work day and night to destroy your attic. They pull down insulation, damage drywall, and bring in leaves, twigs, and debris. A technician will work to inspect and seal the entire roofline of your home with galvanized steel flashing. All vents and other entry points that require airflow will need to be sealed to make your home rodent proof.

It’s your home, and you don’t want to share it with uninvited guests like rodents and other pests. Rest assured that once you’ve called in the experts, your unwelcome visitors will be packing up and heading to the door. Please feel free to contact us via phone (770) 592-0331 or use the “Get A Quote” form on the side of this blog page.