Why MayDay

A complete home exclusion from MayDay Wildlife Services is a SOLUTION, not just a temporary control method.

Exclusion is the only way to permanently remove nuisance wildlife from your home. Our professionally trained wildlife technicians will inspect and seal the entire roofline of your home with galvanized steel flashing. This metal is custom contoured to fit your roof and is securely fastened with steel screws. This ensures rodents can no longer enter the home through the construction gap. All vents, gables, and other entry points that require airflow will be sealed with steel mesh that is rodent proof. Other miscellaneous access points will be sealed with foam and copper mesh.

Additional Services:

  • Animal Capture
  • Bee Removal
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Live Trapping
  • Odor Diagnosis
  • Vent/Roof Seal-Up

Our Guarantee

The MayDay Wildlife Defense System is backed by a lifetime renewable warranty on all applications.