Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs has a lot to offer residents and tourists: fun music festivals, the CNN Center, museums, and more. What people might not talk about very often? The large abundance of creatures that frequent the area. Squirrels, opossums, rodents, and more are common in the area and at one time or another, you may deal with a critter problem on your property.

What do you do when you have a problem and live in Sandy Springs? Contact MayDay Wildlife Services, Inc., for trapping, removal, and damage repairs. Did you know that about half of all house fires are caused by chewed electrical wires? It’s important to keep an eye on wiring, as well as your roof, attic, and crawl space to make sure you don’t have an intruder. Consistent problems may be putting your family in danger.

Our Solutions

We have the right solutions for any critter problem you run into. Our trained technicians can answer any question you have about common creatures in the area. We offer comprehensive inspections that evaluate the condition of your home and identify problem areas. These areas are often hidden and out of the way—places you might have never thought of to check.

About Our Experience

We’ve been a trusted name since we began serving the area in 1998. During that time we’ve had the opportunity of helping many Atlanta residents get rid of their critter problem. Long-term, professional solutions are the best option if you need to get rid of a pest on your property.

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