Pest Services

Whether you live in the middle of downtown Atlanta or any of its beautiful suburbs, whether you’re inside the perimeter or outside, Mayday pest control has got you covered. We in the industry have a saying, there are 2 kinds of homes in Georgia, those that have bugs and those that will. Our quarterly pest control service is the solution. We will guarantee to keep the pests where they belong, if they somehow penetrate our defenses, we will come back out FREE of charge as many times as needed till we get it right!

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Pest Facts

Spider facts: All spiders are venomous, as that is how they paralyze and capture their prey. However, few disperse enough venom or have strong enough venom to affect humans.That said, there are 2 spiders that are venomous to humans that are commonly found in Georgia, the black widow and the brown recluse. Both spiders are reclusive by nature so beware of the areas less used in the home like the crawl space, attic, etc…

Cockroaches: The German cockroach is the smallest of the common cockroaches, and the most prevalent. They are more commonly found indoors and prefer kitchens and bathrooms but can be found almost anywhere. They are nocturnal so you will not usually see them during the day. they are tropical and prefer warmer conditions. German roaches hide in the cracks and crevices of your home and will usually wait till its dark to forge for food. German roaches are not simply nuisance pests, they can cause damage and spread disease. The German cockroach is so prolific, a single egg-carrying female in a home or building can lead to more than 30,000 offspring in a single year.

The American cockroach is one of the largest of the common cockroaches usually prefer to live outside under moist conditions, but will also come into the home. We can usually effectively treat from the exterior.

These are the 2 most commons cockroaches that you will find in Georgia.

Ants: There are many different species of ants found in Georgia, but the ant that is most likely to enter your home is the Argentine ant, also known as sugar ants. their Bodies vary in color from light to a dark brown and can have very large colonies. Argentine ants are dormant during cold winter months, often joining multiple colonies together for overwintering. Fire ants are also common in Georgia.