The combination of Marietta’s temperate climate and rich landscape plays a role in the local wildlife scene. While it may be fun to spot a raccoon from far away, it is less appealing if you start seeing them on your property on a regular basis, rummaging through your trash, or causing damage to your property. This is how it is with many creatures found in the Atlanta metro area.

Solutions for All Wildlife Problems

MayDay Wildlife Services, Inc., offers solutions for many different wildlife problems.

  • Preventive care for keeping critters out
  • The right strategies to eliminate the pest problem on your commercial or residential property
  • Safe capture and removal of many different types of animals
  • Dead animal removal
  • And more

The Right Tools and Training

You may think the right thing to do and permanent solution is to just kick the rodent out of your house and shut the door, but what you might not be thinking about is how the critter gained entrance in the first place. Many of the animals we deal with find discrete ways to enter the home and many cause damage to the exterior and interior of the property on their way inside. Not only do we remove the problem, but we find the entry point and then create a barricade or sealant to eliminate future issues. For these reasons and many more, we always recommend a professional for wildlife removal.

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