Dunwoody is an excellent addition to the Atlanta metro area. It is quaint and has a beautiful downtown district. You can’t escape the Georgia critters there, though! Keep in mind that anytime you have a pest problem, you can call MayDay Wildlife Services, Inc., for a full inspection.

We Have a Lifetime Warranty

We are confident in the services we provide and because of our diverse experience, we offer a lifetime warranty. If we take care of a problem on your property, whether rodents, snakes, or something else, and the issue comes back, we will come back to your location and perform services again at no extra cost to you.

An Overview of Our Services

We specialize in animal exclusion and sealing the property to prevent rodents from ever entering your property again. We can seal holes in the roof, gaps, vents, gables, and other entry points. Our high-quality materials ensure you won’t deal with the problem again.

This technique isn’t effective for all animals, so we offer other services as well:

  • Trapping
  • Insect/bee removal
  • Dead animal removal
  • Odor diagnosis
  • And more

Your Source of Information in Sandy Springs

We love to answer customer questions! We are happy to be your source of information regarding wildlife control in Sandy Springs or other Atlanta communities. Contact us any time you have a problem and we will arrive on the scene promptly and eliminate the problem.

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We are accepting new clients and can help you anytime you need it! Become one of our customers today and call us to schedule a service.