Tips on Getting Rid of Pests in the Attic

Squirrel in AtlantaAttics can be great hiding places for many pests, including squirrels, bats, rats, and mice. In addition to being a nuisance, these little critters can cause extensive damage to your home’s vents, chimneys, roof timbers, wires, and insulation. When looking for rodent removal in Atlanta, our experienced pest control company will inspect your attic and determine the best way to get rid of your unwelcome guests. Read on to learn some of our best tips for getting rid of pests in your attic.


As cute as they may seem, squirrels can wreak havoc on your attic. Squirrels can chew through wood and electrical wires, which can often result in a fire hazard. Removal of these creatures is best achieved through capturing and relocating them, then closing off all entry points. We recommend the following tips to get rid of squirrels:

  • Traps: Use repeater live cage traps or one-way exclusion door traps with peanuts or peanut butter inside as bait.
  • Repellants: Ultrasonic repellants, radio sounds, flashing lights, or commercial repellants can be used to convince the squirrels that your attic is no longer the ideal place to live.
  • Professional Pest Removal: Consulting a professional is hands down the best option for squirrel removal.


If bats have taken refuge in your attic, you’ll know very quickly by the pungent odor of their droppings. Bats create a serious health problem that must be dealt with immediately. Bat removal depends on your location. In areas that experience a cold season, the bats will migrate as the temperatures drop, allowing you to seal up all entry points. However, in most cases, bat removal is best left up to the experts as it is illegal to poison them and very dangerous to trap them yourself.


Bat in Atlanta
Mice would rather associate with humans than live out in the wild. Because mice breed so quickly, one mouse can turn into a full-blown infestation in a short amount of time. The following are some of the best ways to get rid of mice:

  • Traps: There are several different types of mice traps, including glue traps, zap traps, live traps, snap traps, and poison traps.
  • Professional Pest Removal: The only way to guarantee effective mice removal is by consulting a professional pest removal company.


Rats are the most common type of pest found in attics and also the most difficult to remove. The most effective rat removal methods include the following:

  • Traps: The best rat traps are wooden snap traps. Leave them in an area of rat activity for one week, then bait and set them.
  • Professional Pest Removal: Because it can be difficult to lure rats to traps and properly seal all entry points, consulting a professional pest removal company is the best way to ensure complete extermination.

9 thoughts on “Tips on Getting Rid of Pests in the Attic

  1. Baxter Abel

    I had no idea that mice breed quickly! It makes sense that mice could become a problem and get out of control then if they breed so quickly. I’ve heard that once mice get out of control though the only way to get rid of them all is by using a pest control agency. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Fred Harvey

    You can close off places where pests can enter and hide. For example, caulk cracks and crevices around cabinets or baseboards. Use steel wool to fill spaces around pipes. Cover any holes with wire mesh.

  3. Bernard Clyde

    I agree that in most animal trapping and pest control situations it’s best to consult a professional for removal. We may be able to remove the animals from the property, but it takes special equipment to keep them from coming back. It’s important that the root of the infestation is addressed to truly fix the problem, and usually professionals are able to do that for us.

  4. John Ferrell

    You said that bats create a health problem. If I had any pests living in my attic I would want to know that I could get rid of them before the problem was too big. Maybe I should speak with a professional for tips for keeping them away after they have gotten rid of them.

  5. Yilliang Peng

    Thanks for the advice on how to get rid of pests in the attic. I have a couple squirrels that like to run around up there at night. They do not do any damage, but they are actually quite loud when we are trying to go to sleep. I never knew that you could lead them out with food — I will try that! Thanks again!

  6. Finley Moreira

    I like how you pointed out that there are DIY solutions available to deal with certain pests. I think I may have a mouse problem in my attic. I’ll definitely look at getting some good mouse traps to stop the problem before it gets any worse.

  7. Ernest London

    Thanks for the information on pest removal. I am worried that I have mice in my attic, and I want to get rid of them ASAP. I like that you mentioned that the only way to guarantee the mice are taken care of is to call a professional. I will have to find one, just for the peace of mind of knowing the mice are all taken care of.

  8. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for these pest control tips. I actually didn’t know that you can tell if you have a bat problem because they smell, or that the removal of it could depend on your location. I’m kind of interested to learn more about this and some different tools that could be used depending on specific circumstances.


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